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​The Fun of Using Toys As Your Antique Room Decor

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

What is it about toys and games that make people want to collect? Why are people so intent on invoking the feeling of a simpler time? (That question kind of answers itself, doesn’t it?) Let’s take a look at some of the fun and games we have for sale here at Jabberwocky Sales.


Sometimes it’s pretty obvious why someone is collecting a certain toy. Toys from the 1980’s are hot right now, as children from the ‘80s are getting settled and have more disposable income than they’ve ever had before. That’s why Transformers and 3 ¾” GI Joe’s are so hot right now. Of course, Star Wars looks to be hot forever.

Other times it’s harder to figure out why someone collects. Why would a child of the ‘80 be collecting tin toys from the 1930’s? Did he interit a single piece and simply get hooked on the style? We might never know, but we’re happy to have them for a customer!

Board Games

Every time you walk into your local big box store, you see the basics: Monopoly, Risk, The Game of Life, and a few others that they’re trying out. Even Toys ‘R Us might only have a couple dozen board games. Sure, you see the classics, but most of those games won’t be around in a year. Like Kapitän Wackelpudding. Those lesser games come and go, never to be seen again.

The fact is, it’s been happening for decades, so there are literally thousands of board games that most people have never seen. Ever heard of The Sub Search Game, which was like a three-level version of Battleship? Probably not, but it’s an amazing trip back to 1973! Put this on your coffee table and watch people’s eyes light up.

The fact is, toys and board games are always going to be popular, because people like being reminded that the world isn’t always doom and gloom. Check out out our selection right over here.

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