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​Even Modern Garages Need Some Conversation Pieces

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

As the population of the United States grows, so does the number of houses; that means that there are more and more new garages that, in our opinion, are filled with a few too many cheap vice grips and easily-broken yard tools from China. Why not spice yours up with some unique and antique conversation pieces from Jabberwocky Sales?

Here at Jabberwocky, we’re all about retro home decor, and that includes decorating the garage. What are people doing with our tools once they buy them?

They Make Great Decorations

You’ve got to admit...old tools almost always look cooler than new ones! Sure, that new electric drill might be neon green, but it just doesn’t have the amazing retro look that the vintage version will have. The same goes for old jigsaws and pneumatic tools, because there’s just no beating the look of a beaten tool! The same goes for old car parts; put them on the wall and you’ll always have a decoration that no one else in the city has.

They Use Them

When we sell a tool that’s been tested, that means it works. Maybe it’s an electric hacksaw, or it could be a plow plane that’s still very usable for a woodworking project on which you only want to use original hand tools. If a tool still works, use it!

They Collect Them

When it comes to tools, some people just like to collect them. Perhaps they’re a fan of vintage electric tools, or maybe they collect car emblems. No matter what you collect, you’re sure to find something nice at Jabberwocky!

If you’re not a fan of the beer signs and supercar posters you’ll find in most garages, decorate your garage with some real vintage home decor. Find your favorite piece here.