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​Ready To Slow Down With Your Photography? Head Back To Film!

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

Here at Jabberwocky Sales, we’ve been beefing up our selection of cameras. Why? Because every person in this country over the age of 20 has a memory of a film camera, whether that was an old roll-film camera from Kodak or a point and shoot disposable camera...and we want to supply them to these nostalgia seekers! Here are three reasons people are stopping by Jabberwocky for antique cameras.

Slow Down

With digital photos, people take more than 700,000,000,000 photos a year. That’s 700 billion. One reason that number is so high is that every photo is essentially free. So people can, and do, take pictures of absolutely everything.

In the days of film, each picture you took costs you money. First you paid for the film, and if you didn’t have your own darkroom it cost you money again with developing. This caused people of the past, and of today, to be more careful about shooting, taking more time to compose and think about each picture.

Can You Get The Film?

There are many characteristics of a particular camera that determines it’s value. First of all is rarity of course, as well as condition. Those two aspects are pretty universal with collecting antiques. But one aspect of cameras that’s unique is if you can still get film for it; if people can shoot with it, it’s worth more. If you plan to shoot with your purchase, make sure you can still get film. 35mm and 120 roll film (6X6) are the only two types of film in mass production. Of course, even if you don’t plan on shooting it, you can always...

Put It On The Wall

There’s a good reason why so many people enjoy decorating with cameras. To put it simply, cameras look cool. It’s very unlikely that people will be decorating with old smartphones in the future, because nearly every one looks the same. But cameras have evolved like few other types of electronics, with function originally trumping form until form caught up. Many of them, are, to put it simply, works of art.

Interested in cameras? Check out our offerings right here and find that one that brings back the most memories for you!