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The Nerd vs The Weirdo: Light Up Your World

Posted by Sam and Deviny on

The Nerd and Weirdo here. Today, we want to discuss a certain wrought iron lamp. When each of us looks at this lamp, we see something completely different. It's like a Rorschach but for real world items. Hopefully, our opinions will inspire others to view the world differently or similarly. 

The lamp is a wrought iron swag light with amber and red glass panels. It has a long wrought iron chain. 

The Opinion

The Weirdo: When I see this, I think of an old pizza joint with classic red brick walls, shabby wooden tables, cheap table clothes, dark lighting, questionable sanitation, and amazing food. The kind of pizza that's either real deep-dish that's not all dough but all toppings and cheese or classic large New York-style pizza that you half to fold in order to eat. The workers have white aprons and thick Brooklyn accents, but everyone feels like family. The mob may or may not be running things in the back.

The Nerd: When I see this, I think of Harry Potter first and Dungeons and Dragons second. It's obvious that the amber and red glass panels scream GRYFFINDOR! The wizards may not be in the main dining hall eating, but they could be at the 3 Broomsticks enjoying a mug of butterbeer. It's a late, slow night. A few people are sitting around quietly plotting while others are sitting alone sipping a drink. Maybe it's a full moon this night, and a werewolf is howling in the distance, but no one seems overly concerned. The lamp could also hang in the Gryffindor common room. I don't know. The sky's the limit. 

The Medieval and Gothic style with the thick wrought iron and scroll design remind me of what Dungeon and Dragons is all about. To be honest, I've never played, but am I wrong? 

In summation, we're clearly different people with different opinions. What does this lamp say to you?