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The Nerd vs The Weirdo: The Traveling Suitcase

Posted by Sam and Deviny on

Hey y'all. It's the dynamic duo, back for more. Today we're looking at this antique suitcase that has a couple worn travel stickers on the top and sides. You can check out the full listing on our website. 

Purpose statement: It's like a Rorschach but for real world items. Hopefully, our opinions will inspire others to view the world differently or similarly.

The Opinion: 

The Weird: When I look at this suitcase, I think of the 1920's or 30s. A woman owned this suitcase. She was a poor woman from a poor family. One day, she decided that she didn't like being poor, didn't like her circumstances, so she packed up her few possessions in the only suitcase her family had. After she left, she went to the train station. For a while, she watched all the fancy people rush back and forth. They could afford to go wherever they wanted. She could only sit and watch. Then a high-class businessman in a spiffy suit noticed that she looked lost. She had been sitting there for a while. He approached her and asked if she needed any help. She replied, "I don't know have any money for a ticket, and I don't know where I'm going, or what I'm doing." He made her an offer to travel with him, buy her ticket. She looked  confused and scared, but having nothing else to do or anywhere to go, she accepted. Once they boarded the train, they began talking. It turned out, they were from the same money stricken town. They spoke for hours, finding more commonalities than differences. The train pulled into the man's stop. They got up together and exited the train. Her feet felt heavy as that first foot planted itself onto the platform. Just as she thought to turn and say her goodbyes, he was already next to her. He asked, "Would you like to continue traveling with me?" Of course, she said yes. They left together. At every stop they made, she bought a travel sticker to put on her suitcase in the hopes that one day she could bring it back to her family.

The traveling went on for years. They ended up getting married under the Eiffel Tower. He paid to have both of their families attend. From that moment on, they were able to move their family to a nicer town.

The Nerd: Oh my goodness...that was quite the story. Well, my thoughts aren't quite that in-depth...This suitcase reminds me a bit of Fantastical Beasts (I know another Harry Potter reference). This suitcase doesn't hold monsters and mystical beings. Oh no. This suitcase holds curses. Every time the suitcase is opened, a curse slips out. The person who opened the suitcase breathes the curse in without a clue of the misfortune about to turn her life upside down. I'm told this is like the Evil Dead, but these curses aren't so bloody. The suitcase used to belong to a psychic gypsy lady. Her and band of brethren would hold little attractions so they could earn some money. On the last day there were in this one town, a group of boys decided to pray on the seemingly defenseless group of gypsies. Chaos broke out. Tents caught fire. People ran around in panic. The psychic lady was calm. She welcomed the teens that came her way. Just when they thought they had won the night, she sprang forth from the mud and ash. Using the nearest object, a leather suitcase, she put all she had into it. The suitcase took on a life of it own, capturing the souls of all but one teen. The survivor was left to carry that suitcase...

Let's close this b*tch out. See ya