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​Uses For Our Antique Decor (Besides the Obvious)

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

Here at Jabberwocky Sales, we have all sorts of amazing antiques and collectibles. But they’re not always used in the way you think they might be. Sure, many times people are buying them because it helps them complete some interesting collections, and other times they like it just because it looks really cool on the wall or coffee table.

Still others people are buying for some very different, very specific reasons. For instance, some people use them for:

Stage Props

Sometimes our customers have no interest in having our retro home decor in the homes at all. They are in a community play, are purchasing something for their child’s school program, or sometimes even for a movie that’s being shot. When you have as much antique home decor as Jabberwocky does, there’s always something that will work as a prop no matter what decade you need to represent.

Art Projects

While some of our antiques and retro appliances are highly collectible, many can be had at a reasonable price even though they’re very old. Many of these antique items are nearly unidentifiable to modern generations, and that’s why they make a great starting point for an art project. We have customers who paint it, weld it, and poke holes in it, and turn it into something new!


While we certainly have our share of vintage clothing, some of our antique items start out as something very different before they become a part of someone’s costume. The most obvious is when people are looking for items for a steampunk costume, specifically welding goggles, air tanks, and just about anything that has gears. Just because it started as something doesn’t mean it can’t turn into something else.

Sure, you could buy our antiques and use them as they were intended or just put them on a shelf, but sometimes they’re better off being something else. We’re sure you can find something on our site that will work great for a future project of yours.