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​Why Are Our Midcentury Modern Pieces So Popular?

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

If you’re looking for midcentury modern antique items, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most searched for terms when people are looking for retro home decor, whether they want authentic antiques and collectibles or simply want the look with a modern reproduction.

All of this brings up an interesting question: why? Why is midcentury modern so popular, and why has it remained so since the term was coined by Cara Greenberg in her 1984 book Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950s? We have three very good reasons.

It’s Good Retro

Let’s all admit it: there’s good retro and there’s bad retro. Even if you can get away with leg warmers from the 1980’s, that look is ugly in any decade! But the experimentation that was going on in post-war American design lead to some absolutely amazing designs that changed decorating and design forever.

Movies and Television

When people look back at old films, or films of today that have been authentically decorated, there’s a nostalgia about 1950’s midcentury modern decorating that you just don’t get when you watch, say, and episode of The Brady Bunch. The antique decor of the 1950s simply looks amazing in shows like Mad Men and movies like Catch Me If You Can.

Ours Are Real

There’s a lot of decorating ideas out there that are inspired by midcentury modern, but there’s one problem: it’s all new stuff. When you buy from an online antique dealer like Jabberwocky, you’re getting unique antiques that were actually around in the late-1940’s to early-1960’s.

There’s no sign that interest in midcentury modern is fading, so getting an original piece from Jabberwocky Sales is never a bad idea. Check it all out right here.