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​Why Decorate With Vintage Books, Periodical, and Paper?

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

If you’re not into retro furniture, wallpaper, shag rugs, or tools but still love to have vintage items around, paper might be what you’re looking for. It’s a great way to bring the past into your home, and a fun way to decorate. Why the appeal?

It Send You Back In Time

Here’s something about antique books: everything was different. The binding is different from books of today, the paper has aged and has that distinctive smell. The writing is a different style, using phrases that just aren’t even around any more. The fonts are different, as is the cover art. Books represent the time in which they were made as much as any piece of furniture or electrical appliance.

It Just Looks Interesting

Put the antique map on your wall and people will gravitate toward it. Put an old book on your shelf and it will be the one that someone pulls out. Old periodicals are great conversation starters and will get more attention than last month’s issue of Wired. People love what’s unique, not something that everyone has on their coffee table.

It’s Easy To Store

You know one of the best parts about decorating with vintage paper? It’s easy to store! When you need to redecorate but still want to keep your antiques, it’s not an easy task to store a chair from the 1970’s or an old boat motor. But with paper, redecorating is a snap!

Be sure to take a look at our vintage books a paper. We guarantee you’re going to find something you’ve never seen before!