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​Why Do People Collect Unique Antiques and Conversation Pieces?

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

For the last seven years, Jabberwocky Sales has been selling antiques for sale online. We’ve sold weird conversation pieces, vintage room decor items, and old books that we weren’t even sure anyone would ever be interested in!

You can’t be in this line of work for long without thinking about the reasons why people are interested in buying antiques. Here are a couple of the most common reasons people are stopping by to buy our unique antiques.


Nostalgia is one of the strangest of human emotions. We look back on times past and think that there’s something special about them. It’s often an interest in returning to a simpler time, a time when you could look at something and know exactly how it worked. Holding something from a different era often seems to transport us back in time, and that’s why people are often nostalgic for items that they had experience with when they were between the ages of five and fifteen. An octogenarian might be interested in an antique camera, while someone in their forties is more likely to be interested in a Thundercats toy.

The strangest thing is that nostalgia can happen even if we didn’t live through the era at all! Take a look at Christmas cards that have Victorian imagery and you’ll realize how many of us are nostalgic for a time we never knew.


Humans like to collect stuff. Talk to anyone for any length of time and you’ll likely find out that they collect something. Maybe it’s antique liquor bottles, boat parts, or sewing machines; others collect free items such as matchbooks or AOL discs (don’t laugh, it’s a real thing). Not every collection is worth anything, but people who collect are always looking for that next item. One thing we know: the collection is never complete!

It doesn’t matter why you collect, we’re just happy you found us here at Jabberwocky. Find your favorite antiques and collectibles right here!