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​Why Do Some Antiques and Collectibles Become Valuable?

Posted by Jabberwocky Sales on

When looking at antiques and collectibles, people buy for many reasons. Maybe they grew up with a particular style in their parents house and now want to replicate that. Perhaps they simply enjoy the look of antique appliances and decor.

Still others are looking for antiques that will increase in value. This last one is the trickiest, but can be financially rewarding if you recognize certain trends. While we can’t tell you what will be collectible in the future, there are some aspects of antiques that you can always count on.

Most of Them Were Thrown Away

A couple of years ago, a copy of Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman, sold for 3.2 million dollars. With a dollar amount like that, it must have had an extremely limited print run, right? Quite the opposite, actually: there were 200,000 copies printed back in 1938! But they were treated like newspapers, in that people would read them once and throw them out with the trash. Today, between 50 and 100 copies are known to exist.

The same is true with many of our antique appliances and wall decor. Once tastes in decorating changes, people often just throw the items out. Take lamps as an example; in the 1950’s people might have just thrown them out when they redecorated. Because they did, there are fewer that are around today and in working order.

And Even If They Made A Lot of Them...

Many people recognized the iconic status of the Ford Mustang as soon as it was released.But they never would have recommended investing in one for collectible purposes because they made so many. Because they were more “fun” vehicles and less utilitarian, many of them were babied and kept in excellent condition. Still, they command amazing prices today because they signified a special time in American car history.

The same can be said of many pieces of decorative glassware. Pieces by Tiffany and Co. are an excellent example: It was popular when it came out, people took care of it, and it remains popular today because its beauty is still recognized.

Collecting antiques can be loads of fun, and the trends can be fun to research. The most important aspect of collecting is that you enjoy whatever you buy. We hope you find something here at Jabberwocky that you’ve been looking for!