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Lot of 43 Vtg Books About UFOs, Aliens, Abductions - Occult, Steiger, Lorenzen


Product Description

Alien Books

This is a lot of 43 books about UFOs, aliens, and abductions.


Strangers from the Skies - Brad Steiger
The Mysterious Signals from Outer Space - Duncan Lunan
The Book of Encounters - Warren Smith
UFO Abductions - D. Scott Rogo
Flying Saucer Occupants - Coral and Jim Lorenzen
Earth's Hidden Mysteries - Carl Cohen
Aliens Among us - Ruth Montgomery
Not of This World - Peter Kolosimo
UFO Encounters - Richard Nolle
The Startling UFO Files - Globe Special Library
Sons of God Return - Kelly L. Segrave
Unidentified Flying Objects - Jim Collins
UFOs Over the Americas - Jim & Coral Lorenzen
Encounters with UFO Occupants - Coral and Jim Lorenzen
Situation Red The UFO Siege - Leonard H Stiringfield
In Search of Strange Phenomenon - Alan Landsburg
Throne of Fire - Garry Rusoff and Michel Parry
Is Anyone Out There? - Jack Stoneley w/ A.T. Lawton
Alien - George H. Leonard
The Case for the UFO - M.K. Jessup
Flying Saucers: Top Secret - Donald E. Keyhoe
Flyig Saucers from Outer Space - Major Donald E. Keyhoe
UFOs Explained - Philip J. Klass
Messengers of Deception - Jacques Vallee
The Haunted Universe - D. Scott Rogo
The Moon: Outpost of the Gods - Jean Sendy
Gods of Air and Darkness - Richard E. Mooney
Worlds Before Our Own - Brad Steiger
The Outer SPace Connection - Alan and Sally Landsburg
Interstellar Travel Past, PResent and Future - John W. Macey
The Star People - Brad and Francie Stiger
2x Mysteries of Time and Space - Brad Steiger
UFO's and Bible Prophecy - Dr. R.L. Hymers, Jr.
No Earthly Explanation - John Wallace Spencer
The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry - J. Allen Hynek
The Truth About Flying Saucers - Aime Michel
Abducted! - Coral and Jim Lorenzen
The Coming of the Gods - Jean Sendy
Alin Meetings - Brad Steiger
Gods, Demons and Space Chariots - Eric Norman
Project Blue Book - Brad Steiger
Reflections From An Angel's Eye - Francie Steiger

The books are in acceptable to good condition. They have lots of wear. They have creases, yellowing, and stains.

Please, take a look at the photos provided.

Take a look at all shipping options.

Thank you for your interest!

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